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The Netherlands may send Patriot missiles to Turkey-Syria border

Monday 19 November 2012

The Netherlands and Germany are considering sending soldiers armed with Patriot air defence missiles to the Turkish border with Syria, the Volkskrant reports on Monday.

The aim would be to protect Nato ally Turkey from Syrian aircraft and missiles and the Ankara government is expected to formally request deployment later this week, the paper says.

Defence ministry sources told the paper the ministry is considering ‘an eventual joint deployment of Patriots’ and say defence minister Jeanine Hennis-Plassschaert has already discussed the issue with her German colleague.

250 soldiers

Germany and the Netherlands are the only countries in Europe to own the latest type of the US air defence system.

A positive decision means 200 to 250 Dutch solders could be sent to Turkey.

Although the government does not technically need parliament’s approval to support a Nato partner, it is expected to look for broad support and will stress the need to protect ordinary citizens, the paper says.

Should the Netherlands get involved? Have your say using the comment box below.

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Readers' Comments

"Should Netherlands get involved?"
As a Turkish citizen, I'm surprised to see that this conflict is perceived a matter between Turkey-Syria. Well it's not. This's USA-Israel's war, and Turkey is simply being used as a "tool". So while following a pro-Israel foreign policy -even on Palestine issue- I don't see any other way than Netherlands sending Patriots to Turkey (in assistance to USA-Israel's war..)

By ozzix | 19 November 2012 3:18 PM

If the Dutch like the idea of supporting others to kill our own species, then why not?

After all, it's all about money & how much profit you can make from killing others, bravo, go for it!! ( :P )

By The visitor | 19 November 2012 4:06 PM

MHO, I think the Nederlands has enough on their plate at home to take care of first.

By dee | 19 November 2012 4:23 PM

Sure the Netherlands should help protect a fellow NATO nation against threats from abroad. As a matter of fact, they should assist Israel (a friendly nation) defend itself from attack by Gaza based terrorists as well.

By Paul | 19 November 2012 5:00 PM

who is going to pay for this? the politicians?

By amsterdaam | 19 November 2012 5:07 PM

You can't beat a good war to distract the people in times of hardship.Get them flags waving....

By jason buttle | 19 November 2012 7:37 PM

They are defence missiles people.

By kees | 19 November 2012 7:42 PM

I feel really saddened for the Syrian civilians trapped in this mess. Assad's airforce has already encroached upon Turkish airspace. The Turkish Nation is providing refuge for multitudes of Syrian families fleeing a civil war. Any help we can give Turkey to protect its borders, or as a visible deterrent should be supported. Turkey and The Netherlands have a long friendship, so if Ankara asks us for help, then we should offer assistance immediately.

By jaycee | 19 November 2012 8:25 PM

Comments like that made by Ozzix reveal the true ignorance of those who are against Israel.
"Some people admire success, some people envy it. The enviers hate Israel." It is as simple as that: especially when there is a thriving nation like Israel amongst a mess of hate and failure.

By Peter | 19 November 2012 8:32 PM

@The visitor - The Dutch just want to help the other nations to get the bad guys, we both think you don't understand the article. Also we don't like comments like this, please understand that nobody really wants to kill anyone, it's for the greater good.

By Mr.Fussmucker | 19 November 2012 8:41 PM

It is a mad, mad world now. Is it over-population stress? What is the point in NATO if Turkey is left to cope with Syrian attacks on its own? Israel? Yeah, Syria is attacking them too but they are not in NATO. It is all mad.

By Max Harmreduction | 19 November 2012 9:31 PM

Yes, The NL can help NATO.

By vania | 19 November 2012 10:43 PM

Good question. Technically NL has to get involved; so does US and all other NATO allies. However in practice NATO is just a defunct organization; which is only capable of self-legitimized invasions.

Coming back to the patriots issue; those missiles are purely for humanitarian causes; I see no problem in having them deployed to the regions in need. There's one more thing though, NL had already sent the patriots to Turkey during the Iraqi crisis.
But the reason why they sent the patriots all the way down to Turkey was not for protecting a NATO ally, it was just for testing the patriots on action. NL had previously reported that they were having difficulties in their patriot missile launch systems.

By Chan Chur | 19 November 2012 10:56 PM

As an American Soldier who has proudly served in The Netherland and Germany with my fellow comrades in a arms it is good to see our Dutch and German allies stepping up to the plate. It should not always be the Americans going it alone. This problem is in Europe's backyard and it is about time Europeans get engaged. I'm proud to see the Dutch and German governments accepting some responsibility in the world community. Turkey is a part of NATO and all nations of the alliance should be sending troops and support. You can not simply accept the fruits of liberty without contributing. Don't always rely on the Americans alone for your protection. Godspeed.

By Burton Masters | 20 November 2012 1:41 AM

sending 250 soldiers with few missiles is not going to change anything, turkey is strong enough. Best for netherlands to keep out of the messy middle east.

By siddharth | 20 November 2012 7:11 AM

First they send 10 million to help their refugees and while they are out of the country they send patriot missles to demolish it so they have no homes to return to. Hypocrits! Men need more oestrogen.

By AL | 20 November 2012 7:55 AM

Not much point in sending any Dutch soldiers there. They just won't be any use to anyone.

By Jeepers | 20 November 2012 9:03 AM

Merry Christmas, war is over.

By Dr Ponzi | 20 November 2012 9:24 AM

@Mr.Fussmucker: You are more and more using "we" when stating your opinions, which is not the case. Please speak for yourself.

By Al | 20 November 2012 10:30 AM

@ Mr.I'maFussyMucker @visitor

When it comes to war, one always has to read the small print as its always contradictory. Currency wars, trade wars, world wars, always the same pattern. The lid is about to blow off in the middle east, and there is a lot of money to be made out of supplying arms, just one Patriot missile alone is 25,000 USD. AS for a world war any time soon, well, the main players are lookin.... mighty twitchy, spaghetti western style! and there is oil to think about too?

For example: http://www.raytheon.com/newsroom/feature/rtn09_ptrttaiwn/

By Highlander | 20 November 2012 11:23 AM

I believe, Dutch government needs Parliament's approval to deploy Patriot in Turkey as they also will have to supply the technical stuff (soldiers)

By Elina | 20 November 2012 11:44 AM

I think Gaza could put these 'defence missiles' to better use, to be honest. Perhaps some anti-tank missiles too, as a deterent tot he hostile forces gathering on its border.

But of course, the Netherlands must bow to the wishes of Isreal, with no tangible logic for doing so.

By osita | 20 November 2012 4:25 PM

AL-Patriot Missiles cannot be used to destroy the homes of the refugees. They are a surface to air missile defence system. Their only use is to defend the homes of those refugees by eliminating incoming enemy missiles.

By DL | 20 November 2012 4:51 PM

@comments from others regarding Mr.Fussmucker & The visitor:

'We' is both visitor & Fussmucker. (Same user.)

After having read about how (some) governments are busy to confuse & manipulate opinion on the net..I was curious as to how effective it can be.

Well it works well, I will not do this again, Fussmucker just died, & no hard feelings I hope - cheers!

"V" - The visitor, cynical, skeptical & secular :P ;)

By The visitor | 20 November 2012 6:47 PM

Patriot missile Doesn't cost 25,000 USD.. Each fired Patriot missile cost ... 3 million bucks... " The PAC-3 missile alone costs about $3 million, said Daniel O'Boyle, spokesman for the army's Patriot project office." Big bucks for war industry ..


By Patriot | 20 November 2012 8:23 PM

Turkey is nominally a member of NATO, but is no ally of the west. Under Islamist Erdogan, Turkey has turned against the west and Israel, and seeks to restore the Caliphate abolished by Ataturk.

Turkey should be expelled from NATO, and dismembered as a nation. From it's military bases in Armenia, Russia should assume it's traditional role of protecting infidels, and establish a Kurdish enclave in eastern Turkey; while Greece re-established Byzantium in what is now known as "Istanbul".

By Kevin Bjornson | 20 November 2012 10:45 PM

@Kevin Bjornson
you're a funny guy indeed!

play the anti-antisemitism card ! again. you people have no valid argument at all. that's why people like you always play this card. just made me laugh..

By ozzix | 21 November 2012 3:35 PM

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