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Seven in 10 older unemployed are jobless for at least a year

Wednesday 28 November 2012

Seven out of 10 people aged 55 and over who lose their jobs are unemployed for at least a year, according to job centre figures.

The number of older jobless has gone up by 20% over the past year and now stands at over 81,000.

And while 30% of them will find new work within a year, half of those jobs are only temporary, the job centre figures show.


'These figures show older workers do find it more difficult to get a job but are not completely without a chance,' the UWV said in a press statement.

The government is planning to reduce unemployment benefit entitlement to a maximum of one year, after which jobless people will have to claim welfare or use their savings.

The new administration is also planning to reform redundancy law which unions fear will encourage companies to let go their older workers.

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Readers' Comments

Always look for a new job while you have the old one.

By Puck | 28 November 2012 9:16 AM

Nice flip response there, Puck. So you're suggesting a perpetual job hunt then? How quickly do you begin looking for another job after accepting another? 10 minutes? 20?

By B | 28 November 2012 10:42 AM

this is one big reason why fighting for your job if you are being threatened and the rules are not being followed and you are over 55 yrs old is extremely important and valid and courageous, and in court if necessary. you do not just 'dump' people after they have worked hard for years for your organization here in the Netherlands, thankfully. this type of 'discrimination' against workers over 55 can have very serious reputational consequences for the other party as well. sometimes these tough lessons are needed unfortunately.

By B | 28 November 2012 12:57 PM

one more thing - people over 55 often begin to have more physical and mental issues as they get older. this is very common and very well known and recognized - by most people anyway. one day this may well be you, sitting there. how would you like to be treated by a company that you gave your hard work and dedication to? think about that.

By B | 28 November 2012 1:35 PM

And then be the first to leave as per the "last-in first-out" policy. Performance factor of an employee simply does not weigh at all here.

By AD | 28 November 2012 2:44 PM

The pending tax legislation benefiting companies who higher older workers should help. Maybe!
Why age should be such a factor with companies hiring them, or wanting to shed their older employees baffles me. It's been proven that older employees are more experienced and work more efficiently, miss fewer workdays due to illness, are less inclined to complain, and better at problem solving then the younger ones. So, what is the hangup?

By Quince | 28 November 2012 3:44 PM

The ageism is appalling in The Netherlands. If you are 45+ you struggle to find employment. If unemployment is reduced to one year, this age group will experience real poverty, its a disgrace.

By Highlander | 28 November 2012 3:54 PM

Puck, do you think most of them just quit their jobs?

Vast majority are laid off.

By Chris | 28 November 2012 4:15 PM

For this age group you would be lucky to temp delivering post or be wiping tables in a canteen.

Society tends to look down it's nose showing little or no interest according to one's age, that's most places these days.

At the moment local councils are goading this age group into unskilled work along side handicapped workers, most of which are medicated & for minimum wage only.

There are two retirement ages in NL: pension is 65/66, & the job market about 45. :P

By The visitor | 28 November 2012 9:11 PM

A person should have as many irons in the fire as possible so that if one happens to fall out s/he need not be so concerned.

By Puck | 29 November 2012 7:57 AM

Gov can provide incentive based on the number of dutch residents above 55 they employed.

By ufo | 29 November 2012 8:22 AM

I have recently acquired a permanent contract at the age of 56, it is possible but it does take hard work and determination.

By Joe | 29 November 2012 6:32 PM

winning the lottery is also possible Joe, if you work hard at buying tickets. only 2% of all and any workers in the Netherlands got a permanent contract last year. you and one other over 50 yr old were probably in that lucky group. but well done, good for you.

By brian | 1 December 2012 1:49 PM

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