Rotterdam neighbourhood pays tribute to prolific knitter

Rotterdam resident Loes Veenstra has been knitting since 1955, building up a collection of 500 jumpers which have never been worn.

Designer Christien Meindertsma stumbled upon the collection and decided to photograph them for a book.
‘Some have bizarre designs but there are some wonderful ones as well and reflect the fashion of the times,’ Meindertsma is quoted as saying by the NRC. ‘For example, there is a neon pink jumper made of synthetic angora which is so 1980s.’
To celebrate the work Meindertsma organised neighbours to make a short film to show off the collection.
The film is part of an exhibition on handcrafts in the Rotterdam district of Charlois where Veenstra lives. The jumpers themselves will be auctioned off shortly, the NRC says.

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