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Project X-feest and grexit are in new word of the year vote

Tuesday 27 November 2012

Project X-feest, grexit and inbrekersrisico are among 10 new words nominated by the Van Dale dictionary group for the 2012 word of the year competition.

People have until December 17 to vote online for their favourite out of a list of 10.

Last year's winner was tuigdorp - or scum village.

The 10 words are:

  • appconomie: part of the economy determined by apps
  • bangalijst: a list of 'easy' teenage girls
  • Facebookmoord: Facebook murder - from the high profile murder of a teenage girl by her former best friend after a row on Facebook
  • grexit: Greece's exit from the eurozone - credited to Dutch-British Citibank banker Willem Hendrik Buiter
  • inbrekersrisico: risk run by burglars - used by junior justice minister Fred Teeven after a burglar was killed by his victim.
  • mamaporn: the Dutch version of mummy porn, inspired by 50 Shades of Grey
  • nivelleringsfeestje: reducing the income gap between rich and poor as something to be celebrated
  • project X-feest: a party gone viral - derived from the film Project X and which came true in Haren this year
  • religiestress: religious tensions in a secular society confronted by traditional religious positions
  • voetbalvrouwring: to be photographed while looking as much like a footballer's wife as possible - invented by comedian Katinka Polderman

    Your favourite? Have your say using the comment form below

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    Readers' comments (1)

    This sounds rebsonaale. Does this apply to my case? I live outside the US. I filed for 2008 but I did not file 2009 because I owed no tax that year and thought I didn't have to file. I wanted to file 2009 now, but then I stumbled upon this website, and started fearing the FBAR. If I file the 2009 return, it will have to include Schedule B which asks about bank accounts (I had ~$20,000 in the account), and I feel it might cause a problem to file this Schedule B with a YES and not file the FBAR for 2009 as well do you think they will detect the problem? What happens if I do file the FBAR for 2009 now stating I did not know I had to file it since I owed no taxes? Or would the best course of action be to file 2010 (including FBAR) and later years, and forget about filing 1040 for 2009? Do you think the IRS would then notice 2009 is missing and send me a request to file for 2009? If that happens, would they accept a claim that I did mail them my 2009 return (including FBAR) last year and I don't know why they didn't get it? Thanks!

    By Pity | December 4, 2012 9:41 AM

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