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Project X Haren arrest total set to reach 100

Wednesday 07 November 2012

Ten more people were arrested on Tuesday night in connection with the Project X Haren riots, after a party announced on Facebook went viral in September.

The 10 were arrested following last week’s crime-busting show Opsporing Verzocht which featured photographs of a number of suspects. The programme generated 200 tips.

According to news agency ANP, police have their sights on a further 20 rioters, which will bring the total number of arrests to around 100.

Several more suspects will appear in court in Leeuwarden on Thursday. A court in Groningen has already sentenced a number of youths to 60 hours community service. Others have been fined up to €500 and the money has been put into a special fund to help pay for the damage.

Is it going too far to broadcast photographs of the suspects? Have your say using the comment box below.

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Readers' Comments

Funny thought...
How many of those 100 are From
Abroad? Haha nOne
This is tipical young dutch behavior.
As a goverment I will
Be more worried about that than fighting against the evil
Coming from foreigners.

By Anton wij | 7 November 2012 11:19 AM

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