Police absenteeism rate reaches ‘extremely high’ 11%,

Some 11% of serving police officers are off work sick at any one time, according to calculations by RTL news.

This means the official police absenteeism rate is three times that of the general population. By contrast, the police spend just 9% of their time dealing with 112 emergencies, the figures show.
‘11% is extremely high,’ former police chief turned MP for D66 Magda Brendsen told the broadcaster. ‘You could expect 6% given it is such a difficult job with irregular hours, but this is almost twice as high.’
Brendsen says she plans to ask justice minister Ivo Opstelten for an explanation.
In total, some 28% of police manpower is not available for regular duties. In addition to being sick, they spend 17% of their time on courses and training programmes.