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Hybrid cars can be less fuel efficient than forecast

Monday 05 November 2012

Hybrid cars, which run on both electricity and petrol, are less energy-efficient than thought, according to research for Nos television.

Car lease company Arval gave the broadcaster an overview of the fuel usage of over 60 Ampera, Volt and Prius vehicles and found the factory claims are often not met.

The manufacturers claim the Prius uses 2.2 litres of fuel to travel 100 kilometres, while the Ampera and Volt say 1.6 litres is sufficient.


But 80% of the cars use more fuel than the factory claims suggest. ‘Most people don’t use the car properly. If someone with an Ampera or Prius plug-in hybrid is using the same amount of petrol as you in your old Clio then we have made few advances over the past few years,’ Arval director Dick Bakker told the broadcaster.

Arval monitors car performance in order to keep its clients up-to-date on the costs and performance.

Two of the 16 Prius drivers and almost one-third of the Ampera and Volt owners were able to meet the factory targets. One difference is the batteries. The Prius plug-in has a range of some 20 kilometres while the Ampera and Volt travels three times as far, Nos said.

The use of hybrids is rising in the Netherlands, thanks in part to the abolition of sales and road tax until 2016. Some local authorities also subsidise the purchase of hybrids.

Opel says it has sold 2,500 Amperas. ‘Add a further 300 a month for the coming period,’ spokesman Jeroen Maas told Nos. Toyota expects to sell 1,500 Prius this year.

Do you, or would you, drive a hybrid? Have your say using the comment box below.

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Readers' Comments

I thought the savings on road and salex tax was abolished in 2012?!

Was that not the case???

By dork | 5 November 2012 8:09 AM

Hybdids are heavier.
Added to the huge extra environmental cost of manufacture due to the bateries
An electric car powered form a mains charger is not more efficient than a good diesel, just the point of emission is moved.
As there is currently no tax on electricity for car fuel it is artificially cheap.
Typically a benzine car pays 6-7cents per km in fuel tax plus the other taxes heaped on top.
BBC ran a test the Prius was less fuel efficient than a BMW M3 at the same speed

By nd | 5 November 2012 9:48 AM

Besides manufacturers making exaggerated claims on fuel consumption, no one ever considers the energy used in the making and disposal of the cars. The batteries in particular are very energy intensive to make and full of very toxic waste, and need to be replaced periodically. If you plug your car in, you also draw power from the grid.

Who would buy a car that could only be repaired by the dealer?

The technology in diesel engines is much more reliable, economical and environmentally friendly. A diesel car can also be fixed by an ordinary mechanic.

By Patrick | 5 November 2012 10:51 AM

A little known addition to the new coalition austerity plan is that any Prius, Ampera or other electric hybrid owner making over 70.000 in salary will be forced to pay a clean air tax. In addition, no immigrant will be allowed to buy one until 7 years have past :p

By Rick Kane | 5 November 2012 12:03 PM

The costs saved in fuel efficiency is countered by the higher ticket price of the hybrids and electric cars. To find cost savings in running a hybrid, either the price of fuel will have to go up dramatically or the price of the hybrids and electrics will have to be drastically cut.

By Quince | 5 November 2012 12:10 PM

Most prius/hybrid drivers tend to be lease drivers... they're in that car because it's lower bijteling rather than because of the eco label...pretty apparent when you see most of those hybrid cars being driven recklessly fast in the highways which in such a car will return higher fuel consumption than a normal powered car.

By Pablok | 5 November 2012 12:21 PM

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