Fundamentalist Christian party big winner in local by-elections

The fundamentalist Christian party SGP emerged as the biggest party in two of the three local elections which took place on Wednesday, with the Christian Democrats winning the third.

The SGP, which does not believe women should have the right to vote, was the clear winner in the new local authority area of Goeree-Overflakkee in Zeeland, taking nine of the 29 seats on the council.
In Molenwaard, a new council area in Zuid-Holland, the SGP won five of the 21 seats, the same as the Christian Democrats, but won more actual votes than the CDA.
In the third new council region, Schagen, the CDA is by far the biggest party, RTL news said.
The Liberal VVD and Labour party PvdA, who have just formed a new national government, performed poorly in all three areas, losing a large number of votes.
The elections, a first test of public opinion for the new government, were forced by boundary changes and took place just over two months after the national election. Turnout is traditionally lower and local parties and issues play an important role.
The SGP has three seats in the national parliament.
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