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Four-year-old boy removed from school following abuse claims

Friday 23 November 2012

A four-year-old boy has been removed from his primary school in Rotterdam after claims that he attacked two girls, the AD reports on Friday.

The paper says the boy is accused of beating up the girls and ‘inappropriate intimacy’. Parents had threatened to remove their children from the school unless action was taken against the boy, tthe paper said.

The parents of one five-year-old girl who was attacked told the AD their daughter is not yet recovered from her injuries and has nightmares. ‘It went a lot further than playing doctor,’ the mother is quoted as saying.

Both incidents were reported to the police but they are not taking any action because of the age of the boy. Youth social services are involved.

The school did not have any evidence the same boy was involved in both instances and his parents also believe he is innocent, the AD says.

Nevertheless ‘we decided together the continued unrest at the school is not beneficial for the child,’ hence the decision to move him, said Werner Willemsen, a spokesman for the Albert Plesmanschool. He is now being taught at a smaller school.

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