Dutch Farc guerilla admits attacks, says no-one was hurt

Dutch Farc guerilla Tanja Nijmeijer has admitted her involvement in an attack on a bus during interviews with several Dutch media outlets.

Nijmeijer, who joined the Colombian rebel group 10 years ago, is in Cuba as part of the Farc delegation at peace talks with the Colombian authorities.
In an interview with VPRO radio, the 34-year-old said she had been part of an attack on a bus. ‘No-one was killed and no-one was hurt,’ she said. A bus from the Transmilenio bus company was set on fire in Bogota in 2003 and the 40 passengers were able to get away on time, Nos television said.
In an interview with Trouw, the Groningen university graduate said she had also been involved in attacks on companies which refused to pay ‘revolution tax’ to Farc. The attacks took place at night so that no-one would get hurt, she said.
Arrest warrants
According to the Nos, the Colombian authorities believe she was involved in the bombing of a police station and supermarket.
In 2010 the US issued arrest warrants for Nijmeijer and 17 other Farc members in connection with the deaths and kidnapping of Americans and a Colombian.
Those warrants have been suspended to allow her and other Farc members to attend the peace talks.
Nijmeijer also told Trouw she will remain with Farc whatever the outcome of the talks. ‘This is my life’s work,’ she said.