Dutch cyclists named in drugs report

Two professional Dutch cyclists are named in legal documents drawn up following informal questioning of a suspected Austrian doping dealer, the NRC reports.

The documents are in the hands of the NRC, the paper says.
Michael Boogerd and Thomas Dekker, who rode for the Rabobank team, were mentioned during a conversation between Stefan Matschiner and the Austrian public prosecutor.
Matschiner said he had given blood transfusions to both riders in March 2009 in the village of Steyrermühl. Matschiner is accused of giving forbidden blood transfusions to cyclists in the village between 2007 and 2008.
During official questioning, Matschiner did not mention Boogerd or Dekker, says the paper.
Boogerd refutes the claim, saying he has never visited Steyrermühl or undergone a blood transfusion.
Dekker was suspended from the Rabobank team in 2009 and the manager of his current team, Garmin, says he did have blood transfusions during that period.