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Digital patient record backers reduce doctor payments after protests

Monday 26 November 2012

Plans to financially reward doctors and pharmacists whose patients sign up for the new electronic patient record system have been revised, the organisations behind the plan said on Monday.

At the weekend, the NRC reported insurance companies would pay doctors if their patients signed up and would penalise those who failed to encourage enough patients to participate.

Edwin Velzel, from VZVZ, the umbrella group behind the plan, told the paper the bonuses have been reduced but will remain.


'Health insurers pay for the number of patients who have registered because they only want to pay towards the system if it actually works,' Velzel said.

'We are paying a few cents for every patient who says yes. If a doctor's practice has a lot of refusals - and is missing out on income - they can warn us. And let us be clear - 98% of patients are agreeing to share their medical records.'

MPs have asked health minister Edith Schippers for her thoughts on the payment system.

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Readers' Comments

I'm still in the 2 o/o that will say NO

By dee | 26 November 2012 2:50 PM

Presumably patients would be asked to give their written (as opposed to verbal)approval, and, should they elect to provide their medical information, may withdraw their permission.
Also, how was this 98 percent of all patients determined?

By Juvenal | 26 November 2012 3:43 PM

'98% of patients are agreeing to share their medical records'.. One gets the impression that someone is being economical with the truth, because if this is true than all the refusing 2% are living in my neighbourhood. Not one person I have spoken to trusts the confidentiality sagfeguards or the motives, and noone has signed up.

By jaycee | 26 November 2012 6:44 PM

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