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AutoRAI 2013 car show in trouble

Tuesday 27 November 2012

There is a very real chance the 2013 AutoRAI car show will be cancelled because 75% of the stands have not yet been filled, the Parool reports on Tuesday.

The major car brands in particular have not yet signed up for the Netherlands' biggest automotive event, the paper says.

A stand at the AutoRAI costs between €500,000 and €2m and many firms are unsure if it is worth spending so much of their marketing budget on the event, the paper says. In addition, the decision is more often taken at company headquarters in France, Italy and Germany than in the Netherlands itself.

'This year car sales are down 38% and the prospects are still unclear,' trade fair manager Joost 't Hooft said.

Would you buy a new car in this economic climate? Use the comment form below to share your ideas.

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Readers' Comments

i moved my rental house close to work so i would'nt have to buy a used one! and i will never ever buy a new car as long as i live in the NL. one must be crazy to pay for two new cars and get one in the NL!

this is indepdnent of the economic climate though. BPM is the big killer!

By dork | 27 November 2012 2:46 PM

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