Money does make people happy, says millionaires’ survey

Money does make people happy – at least that is one of the findings in a report on the assets and ideas of the Netherlands’ millionaires by private bank Van Lanschot.

Some 86% of the 200 plus millionaires questioned for the report say they are happy, and that percentage improves with age.
But women are more likely than men to say money is behind their happiness. Seven out of 10 female millionaires say money makes people happy, compared with one in six men.
The Netherlands has some 92,000 households worth over a million euros but their average disposable income is just €78,000, the Van Lanschot report shows.
The report says one in 100 Dutch citizens is a millionaire and they control some 39% of the country’s wealth. Their average age is 50 but only 40% have a university education. And 53% have earned a large part of their fortune through their own businesses.
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