Dutch more negative about European Union

Just one-third of the Dutch population still has a positive opinion of the European Union, according to a report from the government’s socio-cultural policy unit SCP.

This is down from half the population which was enthusiastic about European integration in 2008, says the SCP.
People are happy about the positive aspects of the EU such as open borders and the common currency, but the basic feeling remains negative.
Poorly organised
‘There is an uneasy feeling that the Netherlands has little to say about what happens here and gives money to Europe while there is poverty here,’ says the report, quoted by nu.nl.
For many people the EU is a ‘poorly organised world’ which creates resistance, says the SCP.
People are also unhappy about the way the Dutch government acts in Brussels. Politicians do not listen to their voters, who are still angry that the No vote in the referendum on the Lisbon treaty was ignored.
Despite all this, 68% of the Dutch population still thinks EU membership is a good thing and 67% thinks the Netherlands benefits from its membership.
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