Court rejects Shell’s call for ban on Greenpeace arctic protests

A Dutch court has rejected an attempt by oil giant Shell to stop Greenpeace from protesting near its property.

Future Greenpeace actions against Shell cannot be banned in advance provided they remain within guidelines and are ‘proportionate’, the Amsterdam court said.
Shell was trying to have Greenpeace stopped from protesting within 500 metres of its operations, including petrol stations or offices, or face a €1m fine.
Petrol pumps

Shell went to court after the environmental group organised protests against Shell’s arctic drilling plans.
The environmental group has organised several protests against Shell’s exploratory drilling in the Arctic, including on September 14 when it used bicycle locks to shut down pumps at more than 60 filling stations in the Netherlands.
‘The mere fact such an action causes nuisance or loss for the business targeted by the action, in this case Shell, does not makes such an action illegal,’ news agency AFP quoted the court as saying on Friday.