CDA and SP advertising planes in near disaster over Dutch beach

Air safety officials have begun an investigation into Saturday’s near disaster involving two light aircraft, one rented by the Christian Democrats and the other by the Socialist Party, above the beach near Wassenaar.

One plane, towing an advert promoting the CDA, was forced to make an emergency landing on the beach with a damaged wing.
The other, with four people on board, was filming for a new party political broadcast by the Socialist Party. It flew on to Rotterdam airport where it landed safely. No-one was injured in the incident.
Eric Donk, the cameraman on the SP Cessna aircraft, told RTL news the Cessna’s landing gear appeared to get stuck on the wing of the CDA plane. ‘It was tense and frightening,’ Donk said. ‘We were some 150 metres above the ground. I could have touched the other plane if I had wanted to.’
After a few seconds, the Cessna pilot managed to shake the other plane free, Donk said.″>