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Utrecht slips out of Shanghai university rankings top 50

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Utrecht university has fallen five places to 53rd in this year's Academic Ranking of World Universities, a list of the world's best research universities compiled by Jia Tong University in Shanghai.

The only other Dutch university in the top 100 is Leiden in 73rd place, down from 65th last year.

Criteria for a place on the list include the number of articles published in scientific magazines, citations by professors and research students and the number of awards.

The list is headed by Harvard university in the US.

Utrecht is also the highest placed Dutch university in the Times Education rankings, with Wageningen, Leiden and Amsterdam all in the top 100. However, Delft University is the highest placed Dutch institution in the Times Educational international reputations list.

How do you rate the rankings? Have your say using the comments form below.

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Readers' Comments

We're number 4! Go bears!

By Kaccie Li | 15 August 2012 7:48 AM

these rankings are meaningless. the university rankings shall be solely based on university contribution to the science, technology, and well being of the country's people. Do you wanna let china rank the impact of your universities on your people's well being?

If so keep discussing the results as long as you want but realize chinese may enjoy you waste your time on the discussion while they send astronauts into space.

By dork | 15 August 2012 2:15 PM

@Kaccie Li:

Since you stand 3rd, I have simple math quiz for you:

Two students are graduated from top rank and bottom rank universities. Both have published 5 conference and 3 journal papers through out their studies and finished it in 3 years.

Which one would you hire for your company?

Answer (Backward): ˙buıɥʇǝɯos ʎןןɐǝɹ sı ʞuɐɹ ɯoʇʇoq ʇɐ ǝןıɥʍ buıɥsıןqnd 'ןɐɯɹou sı ʞuɐɹ doʇ ɐ ʇɐ ǝןıɥʍ buıɥsıןqnd ˙ʎʇıןɐnb sıɥ ʇnoqɐ uoıʇɐɯɹoɟuı ǝɹoɯ ɥɔnɯ sǝpıʌoɹd ʞuɐɹ ɯoʇʇoq ǝɥʇ ɯoɹɟ ʇuǝpnʇs ǝɥʇ 'ʎɹoǝɥʇ uoıʇɐɯɹoɟuı oʇ buıpɹoɔɔɐ

By dork | 16 August 2012 8:06 AM

"you stand 3rd" ??
Go Bears!

By Kaccie Li | 17 August 2012 9:05 AM

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