Dutch workers confident about retirement finances

The Dutch are the biggest savers towards their retirement in Europe and a majority are not worried about having enough money when they stop work, according to a new survey by ING economists.

ING looked at pensions and expectations in 12 European countries and asked 1,000 people per country about their pension provisions.
Almost 70% of the Dutch respondents said they are saving for their retirement, the highest figure in the survey.
The Dutch are also more likely to have accepted a later retirement age, with just over 60% saying they expect to stop work later because of the financial crisis.
The Dutch state pension age is set to rise to 67 over the next few years.
Austria and the Netherlands are the only countries of the 12 studied where a majority of people said they are not worried about their financial position on retirement.
This finding is notable given a large number of Dutch corporate pension funds may be forced to cut pay-outs and increase premiums next year because of financial market developments.
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