Turkish groups call for probe into fatal row between neighbours

Turkish organisations in the Netherlands have called for a ‘far-reaching and independent’ investigation into a dispute between neighbours which led to the death of 64-year-old Aziz Kara.

The investigation into the fatal argument, which took place on June 23, should focus on the ‘social and community aspects’ to the row, the organisations are quoted as saying by news agency ANP.
Police are still investigating Kara’s death, which happened after he was allegedly hit by neighbour Henk W and banged his head on the ground. W, his wife Ingrid and one other man are considered suspects in the case.
According to neighbours, Henk and Ingrid W. have never made a secret of the fact they dislike Turks but have also antagonised their native Dutch neighbours with their anti-social behaviour.
The Turkish family was ‘well-integrated’ and never caused problems, one neighbour told the AD. ‘You cannot say the same thing about the Dutch family,’ she continued. ‘They were outsiders and not very social, they never said ‘good morning’.’
Ironically, Henk and Ingrid are the names given to the archetypal Dutch couple which PVV leader Geert Wilders uses to illustrate his anti-immigration views.