Socialists continue to grow in the polls, majority coalition becomes more difficult

The Socialist party SP continues to grow in the polls and is winning voters from all the other parties, according to the latest poll published by Maurice de Hond on Sunday.

The latest poll shows the Socialists on 34, up two compared with a week ago. The party currently has 15 seats in parliament.
The other parties have remained the same, with the exception of the Labour party PvdA which lost one seat, says De Hond.
His figures show one-third of people who voted Labour in the last election and a quarter of those who voted for the green party GroenLinks now say they will vote SP. Voters who previously voted for the other main parties – the anti-Islam PVV, the liberal right VVD and the Christian Democrats – are also saying they will vote for the Socialists.
Strategic voting
De Hond also took a look at how strategic voters will behave in the election on September 12. Because of the neck-to-neck situation between the SP (34 seats) and the VVD (31), 26% of respondents say they will vote stategically.
According to De Hond, this situation makes it impossible to work out which parties will have a reasonable chance of forming a coalition. Just about every combination works out at a combined 71 seats in parliament, while a majority needs 76 seats, says De Hond.