Royals pose for traditional summer photograph

Crown prince Willem-Alexander, princess Máxima and their three daughters have again posed for their traditional summer holiday photographs, arriving by bike and with the three girls as usual in matching dresses.

The aim of of the annual photo shoot is to stop photographers following the family while they are on holiday. Some 50 photographers and television crews took part in the session.
Before posing for photographs, the prince told reporters there was no change in the condition of his brother Friso, who is in a coma in hospital in London after a skiing accident earlier this year.
The prince praised the press for leaving the family alone during this difficult time.
Court case
In 2009, the prince won a court case against international news agency AP which distributed unauthorised photographs of the family on holiday in Argentina.
The prince claimed AP broke the Dutch media code which states that photos of the royal family can only be taken at official photo opportunity sessions.
Participating in these sessions implies a media organisation will abide by these rules and not take unauthorised photos.
Photo: Novum