Large companies seeking consultation with unions and workers

Ten of the Netherlands’ biggest companies want a return to the ‘polder’ model of government rather than the current policy of pushing through reforms without consultation.

The polder model is based on compromise, with everyone involved in any new policy having their say. Critics say it leads to little actually getting done.
However, the companies, which include ABN Amro, Philips, Unilever and Shell, say they are concerned the five-party austerity plan put together after the collapse of the government earlier this year will lead to confrontations between unions, workers and government.
Roel Berghuis of rail union FNV Spoor, who was at a meeting of the ten at the weekend, told the Volkskrant he has a feeling his members will not accept the five-party austerity plan which was ‘forced down our throats’.
‘I get the impression these companies also see the plan as a problem and would rather get round the table and discuss reforms,’ he told the paper.
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