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The Netherlands has 2.8 million tablet computer users

Monday 25 June 2012

Over one million people in the Netherlands have started using tablet computers over the past six months, taking the total to 2.8 million, research group Intomart GfK said on Monday.

This means 23% of internet users have access to a tablet, compared with 1.7 million in December last year.

Most users have an Apple iPad and YouTube is the most popular application, the research showed.

Growth in smart phone use has slowed - some six million people out of the Dutch population of almost 17 million have a smart phone, up from 5.4 million at the end of last year.

Would you be lost without your smart phone - if you have one? Have your say using the comment form below.

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Readers' Comments

I am curious what bitter and soar comments this news item will attract. There are not that many news items where we can react these days, so I am sure the few which are left, get flooded with negativity.

By tim | 25 June 2012 3:59 PM

'Still happy with an old desktop & landline..a tablet for me would be paracetamol lol!

I admit I would be upset if I had no more internet, it really is more addictive than drugs, right?

By The visitor | 25 June 2012 11:07 PM

I don't need a smart phone as I have the internet at home & work, ill stick with my old phone as all I need is texts & calls.

I also think that apps r the future & soon websites will be old fashioned.

By Phil | 26 June 2012 4:17 AM

too bad NL/europe are way behind asia or the northern america in adopting advanced 4G technologies.

By dork | 27 June 2012 9:08 AM

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