SP up again in latest poll

The socialist party SP rose by three seats in the latest Maurice de Hond poll released on Sunday, to the detriment of the two other main left-wing parties, labour (PvdA) and the greens (GroenLinks).

The SP would gain three seats in parliament if an election was held today, bringing it up to 32 seats, 17 more than it has now, and retaining its position as the biggest party.
This comes as a result of party leader Emile Roemer’s comment that his party wants to be part of any new coalition after the September 11 election and that there are no ‘breaking points’ between the SP and the second biggest party, the right-wing liberal VVD, says De Hond.
Voting intentions
The increase in the SP’s vote comes at a cost to other left-wing parties. According to De Hond, 29% of people who voted PvdA at the last election in 2010 now intend to vote SP. For GroenLinks the figure is 19%.
The anti-immigration party PVV is also losing out to the SP, with 11% of its voters now opting for the socialists. But overall the PVV is up one seat on its current 23.
The PvdA dropped two seats in the poll to 19, 11 down on its position in the current parliament and GroenLinks would be down four at six seats.
The VVD is up one seat in the latest poll, but the party remains five seats down on its 31 seats at the last election.
The Christian Democrat CDA is down a further two seats at 13, compared with the 21 seats it currently has.