‘Queen Beatrix visits prince Friso in hospital every weekend’

Queen Beatrix flies to London every weekend to visit her son prince Friso who has been in a coma since a skiing accident in February, Story magazine reports on Wednesday.

The report has been confirmed by Pieter van Vollenhoven, husband of Beatrix’ sister Margriet, who has not yet visited the prince, the magazine says.
‘Friso is well-protected by the family. Only his mother, wife and brothers visit,’ Van Vollenhoven is quoted as saying. Friso’s wife Mabel ‘is very busy visiting him every day and caring for their two children,’ he said.
Friso was hit by an avalanche while skiing off piste with a friend during the family’s traditional winter sports holiday in Lech, Austria. He has been treated at the private Wellington hospital in London since the beginning of March and doctors say he may never recover.