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Plan to pass policing costs to clubs worries football association

Tuesday 05 June 2012

Plans to transfer the €30m cost of policing football matches to the clubs themselves will be disastrous for the game, according to football association director Bert van Oostveen.

Speaking at a KNVB meeting on Monday night, Van Oostveen said the idea is 'a sword of Damocles hanging over professional football'.

The clubs have put a great deal of effort into reducing problems with hooliganism, Van Oostveen said. 'We don't understand where this figure comes from. We put policing costs inside the stadiums at a maximum €2.5m.'

Van Oostveen pointed out that the country's 34 professional clubs made a combined loss of €52m last year. 'We are reducing that by making drastic savings. But if you add on €30m, that is the end of professional football,' he is quoted as saying by the Volkskrant.

The plan was agreed by the five-party coalition which worked out a package of austerity measures last month.

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Readers' Comments

Why should those with little interest in football have to foot the bill for the policing of football games? Free policing over the years has contributed to the problem. Had football fans had to pay extra in the past to police the hooligans, the fans would have nipped it in the bud - there would be no 'status' on the streets for being a hooligan and hurting your mates in their pockets.

By jaycee | 5 June 2012 9:38 AM

I have no sympathy. They should never have been been subsidised by the tax payers for 90% of the policing costs to begin with, or have had reduced BTW (VAT) of 6%. A country so small as Holland does not need 34 professional clubs funded by tax payers. Let the punters and hooligans pay for their own hobbies.

By DutchNews | 5 June 2012 10:07 AM

If a company cannot meet it's running cost's it goes out of business. That's what happens in any other sector of the economy.
If ticket prices have to rise ,then that's the way the clubs have to go.
I've been a fan of the game all my life but I've never heard of any country subsidising teams in this way.

By Donaugh | 5 June 2012 4:09 PM

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