Cyberstalker ordered to pay actress and film maker €70,000

An Amsterdam-based cyberstalker has been ordered to pay €70,000 in compensation to American filmmaker Christopher Johnson and actress Mariana Tosca, local broadcaster AT5 reported on Tuesday.

The court ruled Efthimia Dilpizoglou, also known as Maria Technosux, had been plaguing the couple for months using blogs and social media outlets such as Facebook and must remove all messages from the internet within seven days.
‘This special case shows American citizens cannot be freely targeted by stalkers from the Netherlands,’ lawyer Cees Nierop told the Telegraaf. Nierop told AT5 his clients were pleased with the verdict because they had lost contracts and their reputations had been damaged by Dilpizoglou’s campaign against them.
Johnson worked on films such as Night at the Museum, The Final Destination and Live Free or Die Hard. ‘This has been a very long and arduous process, but we are pleased and deeply grateful for the court’s verdict,’ Johnson told
According to Fox TV, Dilpizoglou has been involved in stalking at least 15 people. In the US she has also been accused of identity theft and hacking.

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