Calls for JSF project to be investigated

Green party GroenLinks called on Monday for a parliamentary inquiry into the decision-making process around the JSF jet fighter, website reports.

The JSF should replace the aging fleet of F-16s, but the rising price of its development and construction has brought growing opposition and the final decision to purchase has been delayed by past coalitions.
With a debate on the subject due on July 5, GroenLinks MP Arjan El Fassed told he will present a motion for a parliamentary inquiry into the whole history of the JSF, from how the Netherlands became involved in the first place to the increasing cost of the project and the constant delays and technical problems.
The first Dutch JSF jet fighter is currently undergoing fuel system tests. A second is on order at a cost of €90m.
Reacting to calls for an inquiry, socialist party SP said it will ask parliament to stop the project completely during the debate. The party would like an inquiry so lessons can be learned from the mistakes, but his party would prefer the project to be called to a halt, the Telegraaf reports.
It is not clear if there is a parliamentary majority for either an inquiry or for stopping the project.