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Amsterdam port to be privatised

Monday 11 June 2012

The port of Amsterdam will be privatised in 2013, local councillor Freek Ossel said on Monday when he submitted his detailed plans to the council.

Ossel originally announced the privatisation last March with the intention it should go ahead in 2012, but the council wanted a series of questions answered. The answers are included in the report submitted on Monday.

At the moment, the port is in the hands of the council but it will become a 'government company': an independent company with shares owned by the council. Initially Amsterdam council will be the sole owner, but it is possible it will sell shares to other councils in the region, the province of Noord-Holland, the state or other port companies.

Ossel says a privatised port will be better able to compete on the international market.

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Readers' Comments

So would anybody please tell me how a manager working for a private company is better than a manager working for a council?

A corporation has one aim, and that is to make a profit for its shareholders. Nothing less and nothing more. At least a council has some responsibilities beyond the turning of a penny.

By Gemma | 11 June 2012 5:04 PM

Wouldn't it be better to wait until the after the parliamentary inquiry into the effects of privatising government services in the 1990s is completed? Tjeenk Willink said that he was against the idea that privatisation was automatically better, and that in many cases over the years where the most important reason for privatising a service was that it would be cheaper, later proved not to be in the public interest.
With words like this from the former vice chairman of the council of state, you would think Amsterdam would think twice before committing to this privatisation.

By jaycee | 11 June 2012 6:59 PM

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