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Scrap burqa, dual nationality bans, Labour MPs tell minister

Wednesday 02 May 2012

Labour MPs on Wednesday urged home affairs ministry Liesbeth Spies to act according to her convictions and formally scrap draft legislation to ban the burqa and eradicate dual nationality.

Spies said in an interview with the Volkskrant newspaper earlier both issues are no longer priorities but plans to leave it up to parliament to decide what to do.

Spies, who is campaigning for the Christian Democratic party leadership, said: ‘Parliament wants to bin the dual nationality plans. And I would not shed a tear if that happened to the burqa ban either’.

The coalition alliance collapsed last month when Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam PVV, pulled out after disagreeing with austerity measures. The dual nationality and burqa bans were PVV policies.

Great importance

Until now Spies has defended the policies, describing the proposed ban on the face-covering Islamic government in January as ‘of very great importance’ to ensure open communication. She also rejected criticism of the dual nationality proposals from the Council of State, the government’s most senior advisory body.

The Volkskrant points out that the CDA has supported a ban on the burqa since 2005. In addition, restricting dual nationality has been on the party’s agenda since 2003.

However, a spokesman told the paper the contents of the 2010 election manifesto are paramount. There is no mention of restricting dual nationality or banning Islamic clothing in that document, the paper says.

Spies is one of four candidates for the CDA top job.

Last week, immigration minister Gerd Leers said he would no longer promote PVV causes within Europe. This means an end to campaigning for a higher age limit and income requirement in family reunion cases.

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Readers' Comments

bye bye PVV!! good luck! don't let the door hit you in the back ;)

By Bill | 3 May 2012 6:55 AM

When will the moderate parties act in favour of the people so extremists don't fill the vacuum?

Time and time again polls have consistently shown that the majority of Dutch people want the Burqa banned.

This is so typical of spineless political parties like the Labour party! Maybe they will learn when an extremist party wins government?

By Phil | 3 May 2012 10:29 AM

They should scrap all legislation that does not show proven positive financial benefit including implementation and administration costs, i.e, those mentioned above and also the 130 kph speed limit, changes to the Persoonsgebonden budget (PGB), cannabis pass, etc.

By Quest | 3 May 2012 12:57 PM

The implosion of Wilders' PVV was probably inevitable considering its extreme views. But what's interesting is how one man could hold an entire governing body in paralysis, granted he could only have done this with a lazy and uneducated electorate backing him.

By Quince | 3 May 2012 4:26 PM

They have agreed to bring back PGB
If you have Google Chrome web browser you can set it to automatically translate the the following link to English.

By Gerard | 3 May 2012 5:33 PM

@bill- Do you think that maybe scrapping these bans against the will of the people will simply make the PVV stronger? Dual nationality needs more debate but banning the Burqa is clearly supported by the majority of the people.

I am not trying to attack yours or anyone's convictions as some people on here especially with leftist globalist views feel they have an automatic right too, but are you for democracy? Surely politicians should respect the will of the people. Just interested in your opinion as I value it & value debate.

By Phil | 4 May 2012 3:50 AM

Phil: I think the 'will of the people' is easily manipulated by populist leaders like Wilders. These types of leaders exploit some people's fear and lack of understanding regarding our large and quite diverse world. The burqa ban is an excellent example of this type of exploitation.

By Bill | 4 May 2012 2:01 PM

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