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Neelie Kroes will call it quits after commission term expires

Friday 04 May 2012

European commissioner Neelie Kroes will not seek a third term in office when her current one ends in 2014, the Dutch national said at a conference in Berlin on Friday.

Kroes, 70, was asked about her plans after giving a speech at a German congress for internet entrepreneurs and bloggers, news agency ANP reported.

Kroes is currently in charge of IT and telecommunications. From 2004 to 2009 she headed the competition commission.

In her speech, Kroes talked about the need to ‘make the Internet a place of freedom, openness, and innovation fit for all citizens, not just for the techno avant-garde’.

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Readers' Comments

What a shame to lose such a straight, tough, common-sense politician. Unafraid to take on the big boys and bullies to protect the rights of European citizens.

By jaycee | 8 May 2012 8:53 AM

This is good news. As a former employee of Microsoft and a current employee of Apple, I can tell you that this woman has no understanding of technology and should never have been put into this position. Hopefully, the next person to take her job will at least have a minimum understanding of the industries that her job regulates. It seems like that would have been a minimum requirement, but I guess not.

By Sara | 8 May 2012 2:32 PM

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