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CDA and VVD need more money to fight the election campaign

Monday 07 May 2012

The two parties which currently form the minority government - the CDA and VVD - both need more cash to fight the September general election, the Telegraaf reports on Monday.

The paper says the right-wing VVD needs at least €1m to shore up its budget. The VVD spent €2.4m on the 2010 election campaign, in which it emerged as the biggest party.

A party spokesman told the paper the VVD has saved up €1.2m since the last election 'which is on the low side'. The party will now ask members to stump up more cash and take some from its reserves.

A spokesman for the CDA told the AD the party had 'no where near enough' for its campaign. The Christian Democrats are struggling in the opinion polls and are currently on target to take just 13 seats, compared with 21 two years ago.

Labour (PvdA) expects to spend more than it did two years ago, while GroenLinks and D66 say they will spend about the same this time round as they did in June 2010.

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Readers' Comments

If political parties were limited to spending only the donations of individual citizens they might have a better public image - its not just about getting people to vote. It is critically important to avoid the best little party that big business can buy because they are not often even local businesses. Democracy must not just be some people talking because most contemporary politics seems to avoid policy discussion in public before enacting brave new laws.

By Max Harmreduction | 7 May 2012 10:34 AM

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