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The election will be about Europe and the euro, says Wilders

Sunday 22 April 2012

The forthcoming election campaign will be about Europe and the euro, PVV leader Geert Wilders said at the weekend, following his decision to pull out of austerity talks to reduce the budget deficit below the eurozone 3% limit.

The PVV is 'against Europe, against the 3% and against the euro,' Wilders told reporters following the collapse of the negotiations on Saturday. Although an election has not yet been called, a national vote is widely expected to take place in the autumn.

After seven weeks of negotiations, Wilders now has his hands free to do what he wants - carry out an election campaign, the Volkskrant said in an analysis. 'Wilders is paying a high price for his freedom. He is now completely alone in parliament,' the paper pointed out.


Commentators say Wilders must realise he will not be part of any future coalition government, even with the VVD. In particular, they point at the sharp language used by the prime minister when he put the blame for the collapse of the talks firmly on the PVV leader's shoulders.

Sybrand Haersma Buma, who was involved with the negotiations on behalf of the CDA, said no-one had seen Wilders' change of heart coming. 'It was as if someone was playing a board game, realised they were losing, and chucked it over,' Haersma Buma said.

Wilders meanwhile, on Sunday denied claims that he had accepted the austerity package but had been forced to change his mind by some of his MPs. 'Rubbish,' Wilders said, using the microblogging service Twitter. 'The PVV is united against the dictates of Brussels and attacks on our elderly.'


Attacked later on Sunday evening by Dutch European Commissioner Neelie Kroes for misrepresenting the facts about Europe, Wilders told news agency ANP the 'entire package' of cuts and tax increases was unacceptable.

The European 'strangulation limit' of 3% would cost economic growth, increase unemployment and cut spending power, particularly for pensioners, he said. 'We are not going to let our old folks pay the bill for Greek fraudsters,' he was quoted as saying.

Opinion poll

An opinion poll by Maurice de Hond shortly after the collapse of the austerity talks showed little change in party support compared with last week's poll.

The PVV was down one on 19 and five below its general election total. Support for the PVV has been declining in recent months and is now around 20% below its June 2010 general election total.

The De Hond poll put the VVD on 33 seats (up two on 2010) and the Socialists on 30 (up 15). Labour is in third place in the De Hond poll, still down six on its general election total.

However, commentators say it will be several days before an accurate poll can be taken, given the events of the weekend still have to sink in.

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Readers' Comments

Wilders is a man of principle and an honest politician. Thats very rare these days. He's a true political hero. Stick to your guns Geert.

By Debbie | 22 April 2012 5:08 PM

if he was honest, he would tell all at the beginning.

he would not first hit muslims, then eastern europeans, now the entire europe.

By dork | 22 April 2012 8:37 PM

Wilders a Hero...? If the world continues to have "Heros" such as this then progress of the Human race returns to Europe early 1930s. Maybe in a comedy he is a Hero...!

By mario | 22 April 2012 9:58 PM

Wilders is a coward who hides behind the protection of what he considers to be free speech.

By vah | 22 April 2012 10:17 PM

Wilders is an antisemite...Wilders voted to try and create a prohibition on kosher/Jewish food and on Halal food.

Never forget, when the Nazis invaded neighboring countries, prohibitions on kosher food and prohibitions on circumcision were amongst the first Nazi laws passed.

Also, Wilders supports the other prohibitions from the antisemitic U.S. government including the insane War Against Freedom of Thought....

By The One | 23 April 2012 2:14 AM

Commentators say Wilders must realise he will not be part of any future coalition government, even with the VVD.

Lets hope the PVV get the most votes & have a mandate to form there own coalition, but if they don't I bet the VVD will participate regardless when they need Wilders to form government.

The NL needs to get out of Europe & needs big social changes, we can't just carry on down the same old path.

By Phil | 23 April 2012 2:57 AM

While I can agree with GW as quoted in paragraph eight he is a politician & as such I would expect him to know European history.
Nationalism & competition were the main reasons for WWI & II.
The formation of the ECSC (now EU)in the 50s was an attempt to stop anything like that from happening again.
The EU is far from perfect but a return to nationalist politics would IMO be much worse.
We must accept that the perfect society will never exist, sometimes we must settle for the lesser of two evils.

By Donaugh | 23 April 2012 6:41 AM

Wilders is political 'game player' who is lacking any principles except those which cast HIM in the spotlight and those which increase HIS political power and position. The really saddest thing now is all the Dutch voters who still support him even after he clearly pushed his own country into a very difficult situation at the worst time. This makes a statement about a large portion of Dutch voters and the general mentality of a large portion of this country - of course. This is truly disturbing to me.

By Bill | 23 April 2012 6:58 AM

It is sometimes hard to pick up sarcasm in writing, but then you ended with that brilliantly appropriate cowboy metaphor -- how very wry and arch of you, Debbie.

By Nic | 23 April 2012 9:03 AM

Would this be the same euro Geert voted to join back in the day?.Or is it another one run by evil foreigners designed to destroy the NL?.

By Flim Flam | 23 April 2012 9:12 AM

"He's a true political hero."

Sure, maybe if you're not a Muslim, an expat, poor, unemployed, normal or, well, basically anyone who isn't a xenophobic megalomaniac with an unhealthy penchant for hair gel.

By B | 23 April 2012 10:10 AM

I am now so "compel" to vote for Wilders.
Although I dislike many of his policies, sayings, even his hairstyle, BUT, I will vote for his anti-EU laws because this affects me the most and I know, the future of Netherlands.

By G | 23 April 2012 10:25 AM

When the other parties needed someone they asked him. He set his own conditions. They agreed.

Now, they have put him in a position where they do not give in to any of his conditions but expect him to play nicely with the rest. Now he left saying enough is enough - and why shouldn't he?

Why does no one seem to see this side? And "B" ... he has so far gone against most of the cuts and increases the government has wanted to make. And that's because of the average Dutch person and the elderly that our now hopefully soon ex government are targeting to pay their bills.

By The "real" B | 23 April 2012 11:28 AM

Wasn't Netherlands one of the promoters of all the EU treaties that pushed all the european countries towards more responsibility ?
Didn't the rest of the world see the Netherlands as a model country much different from the spendthrift southern countries ?
Now Wilders has blown it. He and his party fellows are behaving not much differently from Greece and Italy while they keep balking against them. They started blaming the european dictatorship as the greeks did for a long time.
So. They may not like southern europe, but they are bitnging the Netherlands closer to them.
Did they propose the NEURO ? Now it's not for them.

By someone | 23 April 2012 12:01 PM

Rutte is as guilty as Wilders. For his own ambitions he agreed to make a pact with that man and for his own ambitions her would make a pact with anyone. No mr. Rutte: it's easy to play the blame game and act as though you and Verhagen had nothing to do with it!

By Leon | 23 April 2012 12:59 PM

I'm still laughing... I cannot stop since this morning when I saw your definition of "hero" Debbie.

By Ada | 23 April 2012 1:01 PM

Professor Karl Whelan from University College Dublin said the debate about ending the EURO is absurd, whipped up by populists and the German media. "If the euro breaks up, there are still assets to go along with the liabilities. The likely outcome would be a 'Bretton Woods weekend' with a gentleman's agreement to carve up the losses." Folks, I have to agree with his comment, this is not a gold standard currency? Lets end this insanity now? Back to the Guilder.

By Highlander | 23 April 2012 2:32 PM

If you don't interpret Wilders' actions as political grandstanding at its most devious and self-centered then you're not paying attention, "Real B."

By B | 23 April 2012 5:09 PM

The duet Wilders-Rutte is the main responsible of our current economic situation. When they took the government we were growing more than Germany and we had half unemployment than Germany. Now we have double unemployment ratio than Germany, we are into recession, and IMF predicts for our country that we will fall by 0.7 % at the end of this year. Only Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Belgium and our country will be in recession at the end of the year, according IMF. This is the result due to voting for Rutte and Wilders.

By zenplus | 23 April 2012 11:55 PM

Should we prepare the boxes? EU citizen will go if GW will gain? I hope Dutch will start to think with brain and not with stomach next election...

By luca | 24 April 2012 4:40 AM

@ The One
Why would Wilders then go to Israel and pronounce full support of the nation and of the Jewish people?

Oh wait, you just ignore what he has done in the past so it suits your own opinion right? Wilders was against Islam in the first place because he calls for the death of Jews and the destruction of Israel.

By poohbum | 24 April 2012 4:43 PM

@Bill, Don't get me wrong we would probably become good friends if we met regardless of race or religion, but god it makes me laugh how u automatically command the moral high ground with your PC leftist views :)

By Phil | 24 April 2012 4:46 PM

Phil: no problem sir, everyone has a right to an opinion. I will always take the higher ground indeed. you do what you think is right.

By Bill | 25 April 2012 7:01 AM

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