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Labour leadership: Samsom, Timmermans favourite to replace Cohen

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Labour MPs Diederik Samsom and Frans Timmermans are the current favourites to take over as leader of the parliamentary party, following the resignation of Job Cohen on Monday afternoon.

Tv news programme Nieuwsuur did a poll of provincial members on Monday evening and Samsom and Timmermans came out on top.

When Labour party members have voted for their choices, the parliamentary party will make a final choice. No date has been given for the vote.


According to a poll among Labour voters by Maurice de Hond, Samsom has 29% of the vote, followed by Ronald Plasterk with 27%. Timmermans was much less popular among voters than among party members.

There is disagreement in the parliamentary party as to whether an 'interim' leader should be appointed from among their number, or whether the party should choose a 'strong leader' who can improve Labour's poll ratings and lead them into the next general election.

Many Labour members have their eye on Amsterdam mayor Lodewijk Asscher as their next party leader.


The parliamentary party meets later on Tuesday to discuss the matter.

Cohen said in a statement on the PvdA website he wanted to contribute to a 'decent society' but had been unable to bring that message across sufficiently.

In particular, the PvdA has been hit by the rising popularity of the SP which has now outstripped the VVD in the latest poll.

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