Court rules in favour of Cruijff in Ajax appointments row

The controversial appointment of Louis van Gaal as general director of Ajax and Martin Sturkenboom as interim director was halted by Amsterdam’s appeal court on Tuesday.

Former international Johan Cruijff and 15 of the Amsterdam club’s youth trainers had gone to court in an effort to have the appointment overturned.
Cruijff, one of five members of the club’s supervisory board, was furious he had been sidelined in the decision to bring back Van Gaal. The move was made by the four other supervisory board members without Cruijff’s knowledge late last year. The two men do not get on.
The court said Cruijff’s exclusion from the decision-making process was ‘unacceptable’, news agency ANP reported.
The chairman of the Ajax association, which owns 73% of the club’s shares, said he will vote in favour of a no-confidence motion in the supervisory board at Friday’s extraordinary shareholders’ meeting. Ajax is the Netherlands’ only listed football club.