Controversial gay therapy is not aimed at a cure, says minister

A controversial Christian therapy for homosexuals which is paid for by Dutch health insurance is not aimed at treating homosexuality as an illness, health minister Edith Schippers told MPs on Tuesday.

The therapy, offered by a strict Christian grouping called Different, does not try to ‘cure’ homosexual feelings but helping gays and lesbians decide whether or not to accept these feelings, the minister said. She based her statement on a report by health ministry inspectors.
Last month there was an outcry when it emerged the therapy is covered by health insurance. MPs and Schippers said at the time the treatment should be scrapped from the coverage.
MPs have now asked Schippers to expand upon the inspectors’ findings and want to know what form of investigation was carried out. Gay rights groups have also asked for a more detailed explanation of the findings.
Christian anti-gay therapy is bizarre and wrong, says minister