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Queen breaks her own state visit record

Friday 06 January 2012

Queen Beatrix will embark upon her 50th state visit on Sunday when she arrives in Abu Dhabi with crown prince Willem-Alexander and princess Maxima, the Telegraaf reports.

A week later, the total will reach 51 when the queen heads for Oman, the paper says. Her mother Juliana took part in 28 state visits during her reign.

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Readers' Comments

Oh I am sure the people living on the bread line will really appreciate the news the Queens is on her 51st Holiday.

By Jason | 6 January 2012 4:21 PM

I see that the Royals beleive in Austerity measures and doing their part in savings for her tax payers. Cutting back. What's that? We have a record to break we have to make a 50th holiday visit!

By Andy | 6 January 2012 4:41 PM

So we have to regard every state visit as record-breaking?

So when's Trixie off to Syria to endorse another wonderfully democratic regime?

By Garry | 6 January 2012 4:54 PM

Wow, wee. 50 state visits in 31 years. What is that, about 1.6 per year? The only justification I hear for having a monarchy is about how much money they bring to NL. At this rate, one really has to question the return on investment. I wish I could get by with that few international business trips! And can one really count Oman as a state visit, an absolute monarchy (no democracy) with no legal political parties? Me thinks the Oman trip has more to do with her little nest egg in Shell than democracy or the well being of NL.

By Quest | 6 January 2012 6:26 PM

I would like Queen Beatrix to visit Tasmania, Australia. The state's name originates from a Dutch explorer and there are many Dutch Australians who would enjoy her visit. I'm really enjoying keeping up with the news of my father's homeland by visiting this website.

By Jennifer van Dijk | 7 January 2012 9:01 AM

In comparison, the British queen has done 108 state visits (the 100th being to meet Queen Bea in 2007). She might be slightly older than the Dutch queen, but not double her age. She also pays income tax on her estate.

Methinks the Dutch aren't getting value for money.

By osita | 7 January 2012 7:05 PM

I'm glad to be live in America where we don't have a monarchy. That being said, I'd gladly take Queen Beatrix over Michelle and Barry Obummer. Michelle has probably made more than 51 "state visits" since her husband came to office, all at taxpayer expense and all to strategically important placed like Martha's Vinyard, Hawaii, Botswana, etc. I can't wait to see her tossed out of the White House this year.

By Juan | 9 January 2012 3:25 PM

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