Public prosecutor considers legal action against Srebrenica chief

The public prosecution department is considering taking legal action against the man in charge of Dutch troops during the Srebrenica massacre, magazine Vrij Nederland reported on Wednesday.

The magazine says it has been told by several sources that that the possible prosecution of Thom Karremans will be discussed by a special court body which looks at ‘extremely sensitive cases’ at the end of this month.
A spokesman for the public prosecution department has confirmed that a formal complaint has been made against Karremans and two other officers.
Karremans was head of the Dutch armed forces who were protecting the enclave of Srebrenica from Bosnian Serbs during the Yugoslavia civil war. Over 8,000 men and boys were murdered and buried in mass graves when the enclave was over-run.
Last summer Karremans told a television programme he accepts he may have to appear in court.
Asked on television show Nieuwsuur in August 2011 if he expected to be summoned to explain events in court, Karremans said: ‘Yes, I do consider it a possibility… in retrospect, one took the wrong decision. And those ‘ones’ are people who can and may take decisions on my behalf.’