Hospital microbiologists face measures over bacteria outbreak

Three microbiologists at the Maasstad hospital in Rotterdam are to face disciplinary proceedings for failing to tackle an outbreak of infections caused by a superbug in 2010/2011.

Hospital inspectors say the three are fully responsible for the failure of the hospital to get infections related to the Klebsiella bacteria under control.
Three patients died after becoming infected with Klebsiella, a multi-resistant bacteria, and a further 10 others may also have died because of it, an independent report into the outbreak last year showed.
Hospital hygiene experts are also ‘directly responsible’ for the hospital’s failings but will not face disciplinary procedures because the law does not allow this. The inspectors have recommended the law be changed on this point.
The official report into the outbreak last November said hospital officials underestimated the size of the Klebsiella outbreak, its seriousness and how long it would last.
The bacteria was first identified in 2010 but action only taken in May 2011. In total 107 patients became infected, the report said.