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Fines for people without health insurance pay off

Monday 09 January 2012

Over 100,000 people have taken out insurance since the health insurance board began a campaign to get them to pay up, the Telegraaf reports on Monday.

However, some 55,000 people have so far failed to take out insurance, despite running the risk of a heavy fine, the paper says.

The CVZ launched its campaign to reduce the number of people without insurance in March 2011.

Health insurance, which is compulsory, currently costs around €1,200 a year plus a €220 own-risk payment.

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Readers' Comments

Ha, big brother indeed, how can those who cannot afford health insurance pay a fine? This has gone too far, Dutch government has lost all sense of direction and humanity, not coping with the financial glory of being a part of the Eurozone.

By AndyT | 9 January 2012 4:36 PM

If we don't fine them, then no-one will pay, and that would be unfair. How do you expect people to behave themselves and respect rules if you're not prepared to enforce them?

By John T. | 9 January 2012 8:03 PM

how dare these people spend their money on food, housing , transporation etc

Its about time the government started standing up for these poor, dissadvantaged insurance companies.

By Robert | 10 January 2012 8:46 AM

Before people jump in the bash-the-insurers, it is important to remember how health insurance work in Netherlands, and the fact that the stability of the system depends on everyone having insurance.

Otherwise, people will only pay when they are sick, and this can bankrupt the system.

Health care is generally good in this country, and not really expensive if you consider children get if for free up to age 18, then there is zorgtoeslag etc.

By Andre L. | 10 January 2012 9:31 AM

idiots. everyone needs to pay health insurance to keep costs down. Its a legal requirement to have health insurance in the Netherlands, and some companies will fire employees without health insurance. Everyone is entitled to zorgtoeslag, which for those with low income, comes to around 840euros a year.
Could be a whole lot worse.

By mike | 10 January 2012 4:05 PM

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