PVV ‘independents’ stay on the job despite being sacked

A former member of the European parliament for the anti-Islam PVV, who resigned following a serious drink-driving offence, is set to return to Brussels as an independent.

Daniel van der Stoep has been told he is not welcome to rejoin the PVV, which will have an extra seat in the European parliament next year when the number of MEPs is expanded.
Because of his position on the voting list, he is entitled to get the seat and keen to take it up. Because the PVV won’t allow him back, he will either have to be an independent or find another party to support, Nos television says.
The Hague
Meanwhile, the PVV in The Hague has sacked deputy local party leader Arnoud van Doorn for ‘making mistakes with the budget’
Van Doorn has denied fraud and plans to continue as an independent councillor.