Premier division football clubs cut players salaries: NRC

Most of the country’s 18 premier football division clubs cut players’ salaries last season, the NRC reports on Thursday.

And at least 10 clubs are planning to make further cuts this year, the paper says. ‘The madness is out of the market,’ Frank Rutten, of the Eredivisie lobby group said.
Nevertheless, 10 of the 15 clubs which have published their accounts for last season posted a loss, the paper says.
‘In new contracts, wages are down by up to 30% and 40% in some cases,’ Danny Hesp, chairman of the players’ union VVCS told the NRC. ‘Clubs are also out for a reduction when they are talking about renewing contracts. If a player does not accept, then he can leave.’
For example, five of the seven players earning more than €1m a year at PSV Eindhoven have now left the club, the paper says. Ajax has cut its players’ budget by €4.3m and Feyenoord has cut its players’ wage bill by €8m over two years.