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Holland third on developed countries list

Thursday 03 November 2011

The Netherlands is third on the latest Human Development Index published by the United Nations. Last year it came seventh out of the 187 countries on the list.

The UN has been publishing the index since 1990 using criteria such as poverty, education and life expectancy.

Norway topped the list, with Australia in second place and the US fourth.

Bottom of the list this year are Burundi, Niger and Congo.

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Readers' Comments

Good news! I feel lucky to live here, and to be alive at this point in history. Interesting times, I'm sure not bored. As we approach 2050, and 9 billion people on earth, it's only going to get more interesting!

By Bill | 3 November 2011 9:26 AM

Sure. Considering a fake faculty researcher can go uncaught for almost a decade and fake 14 out of 21 Ph.D. dissertations (2 out of 3), this country should even be put on top of the list.

UN is becoming a joke these days. It should change name to UWN (united western nations).

By david | 3 November 2011 1:06 PM

Hey Occupy Wallstreet, Oakland, Amsterdam, whatever:

You see Burundi, Niger, Congo and all other Least Developed Countries on the bottom of the list?


By Bob | 3 November 2011 4:09 PM

I'm sorry David, but one fake researcher doesn't count, and your country, whichever it is, has the same fakers and criminals (not yet, if ever, discovered).

I'm still laughing at my motherland - way to go Britain! Languishing somewhere in the 20s... even Eire beat you!

By osita | 3 November 2011 6:59 PM

David: That's interesting. Who would have thought anything like that could happen in the Netherlands. To be able to fake their PhD credentials for almost a decade. Proves not everything in Netherlands is as good as they say in the news. 9th most innovative country too - No one can say this researcher wasn't testing his expert skills faking those 14 out of 21 PhD dissertations. Where can I find his name and phone number? I’m trying to get my PhD in criminal and forensic psychology.

By Alyssa | 4 November 2011 12:13 AM

Bill: Times are indeed interesting, for sure. If only you knew what the world’s next challenges and changes will be in the future. I guess the first one to watch closely will be Greece and EU’s final decision on how they'll work to resolve some of the economic deficits many euro countries are facing; how long the US can avoid facing their own crisis and work towards resolving it before making it worse or the next major natural event to happen. We shall see how our great countries separate or comes together in times of disorder.

By Alyssa | 4 November 2011 2:28 PM


How about the 11 years old who got knocked up by her dady (I mean really biological dad, not some sugar dady).

Hoe about allowing smokers to smoke in the cafes?

How about a gini factor below belgium?

How about using cow dung for heating up houses?

How about the karate kick of that dutch player in the world cup final?

How about the Frank Rijkaard spitting on the neck of german player in front of the cameras?

Do they all count or do you want more?

How about all dog poop careless Dutchies leave on the sidewalk across the street from their own house?

How about singing practices at 12 a.m. in a 65 sq meter apartment?

By david | 6 November 2011 10:03 AM

I think that one fake researcher counts a lot.

Researchers, scientists, and alike, are representatives of a society as a whole. They are effectively a very sound representative sample of the country. If you can find a bad one up there, it speaks well for the entire population.

Perhaps, they acted and faked the data passed to the UN as well. Who knows.

By david | 6 November 2011 10:09 AM

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