Dutch foreign minister expects EU oil embargo against Syria on Friday

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal expects the European Union will on Friday agree to an oil embargo against Syria following the violent crack-down on pro-democracy campaigners, the Volkskrant reports.

‘The Netherlands is working towards an EU oil embargo and new EU sanctions. I think they will come into effect tomorrow,’ Rosenthal is quoted as saying on Thursday.
The embargo would involve a ban on the import of crude oil and oil products from Syria. In addition, officials are working out a ban on the financing of insurance for oil transports, the paper said. This will also make it difficult for non-EU countries to import Syrian oil.
Sanctions will also be introduced against four people who support president al-Assad’s regime financially and three companies, including one bank, the paper said without giving more details.
Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell said it would wait for the final text before making any comment. Earlier this week, Shell Nederland director Dick Benschop told MPs Shell would obey an EU embargo.