No public transport in Amsterdam on Tuesday as strikes continue

There is no public transport in Amsterdam on Tuesday, as bus, tram and metro workers go on strike in protest at government cuts.

City public transport services stopped at around 03.00 hours and will not start again until 01.00 hours on Wednesday morning.
However, regional bus services supplied by private companies Arriva and Connexxion will continue. Their drivers are set to ignore calls to respect the strike and not cross the city boundaries, the Telegraaf reports.
‘We don’t like strikes. We are here for the passengers who have paid for their journey and have the right to transport,’ Arriva director Anne Hettinga told the paper.
Amsterdam tram and bus drivers are angry that the government is poised to cut €120m from public transport spending and force the city, plus Rotterdam and The Hague to put bus and tram services out to tender.
Transport minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen has not yet finalised her plans but says public transport can be more efficient. ‘Some 60% of public transport is subsidised and that can be reduced,’ she is quoted as saying in the Telegraaf.
The Hague’s public transport will be hit by a 24-hour strike on Wednesday and Rotterdam will follow on Thursday.