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Jobless Eastern Europeans should be deported: PVV

Wednesday 02 February 2011

People from Poland, Bulgaria and Romania should be deported back to their country of origin if they are out of work, Louis Bontes, an MP for the anti-Islam PVV said in an interview with website nu.nl.

‘They are often drunk and are involved in petty crime,’ he is quoted as saying. ‘Locals get upset by this, so the police tell me.’

Bontes said there is no legal barrier to deporting EU nationals from the open border area within five years of their arrival.

When Bulgaria and Romania eventually join the Schengen open border zone ‘that is when the bulk of them will come, including all the trouble,’ he said.


Last week The Hague city council executive in charge of integration Marnix Norder published a new policy paper calling for jobless immigrants to be sent back home.

Norder, a Labour party supporter, said he also wanted to look into the legal aspects of sending back jobless Eastern Europeans. ‘I want to start with 20 or 30,’ he said. 'But without help with the cost because that would only attract more.'

Norder hit the headlines last year when he spoke of the tsunami of Eastern Europeans moving to The Hague.

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Readers' Comments

The one Polish immigrant I know isn't an alcoholic, criminal, or lazy. She is intelligent, has a job, wants to get trained for a better job, and works hard to improve her Dutch skills, even though she's not eligible for government funding and has to pay for the class she's in.

PVV are populist, nationalist idiots. They're trying to use immigrants as scapegoats for the country's problem, to give the illusion that the PVV is "solving problems". In reality they're trying to increase their own power by throwing innocent people under the bus.

By Valentijn | 2 February 2011 6:48 AM

"Jobless Eastern Europeans should be deported: PVV" and idiotic politicians should be deported from this earth!

By alexjones | 2 February 2011 7:17 AM

And so it begins, their voices of getting Muslims out of the country has now started to other people. How long will it be before complete intolerence of all none Dutch will occur? And the stupid thing is, people listen to these idiots!

By Kirst | 2 February 2011 7:28 AM

Bizarre. The drunk and unemployed in my old building were Dutch. I've never met a Polish migrant who's been a problem, not here nor in the U.S. All had jobs and were sober. I've met one Bulgarian and one Romanian since living in NL via Dutch language courses. Both very nice people and both had jobs. This nasty stereotyping smells like hondenpoep.

By J. | 2 February 2011 9:16 AM

To be honest, it does not surprise me.
Very soon Poland will overcome the economy of Holland and they will be happy to have some businesses with them.

By Frankie | 2 February 2011 9:44 AM

PVV knows perfectly well that they are alone in this and that it is also legally not possible. They only want to get some headlines. I am glad that over the years their support never got over an estimated 30 seats in parliament. Which is still far too high, but there will probably always be people who are sensitive to their populist message.

By pepe | 2 February 2011 9:54 AM

"Last week The Hague city council executive in charge of integration Marnix Norder published a new policy paper calling for jobless immigrants to be sent back home."
in·te·gra·tion= The bringing of people of different racial or ethnic groups into unrestricted and equal association, as in society or an organization; desegregation.
Good job PVV. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and hope it won`t brake.

By Andrea | 2 February 2011 10:02 AM

If the PVV could deport EVERYONE here who is out of work, often drunk, and involved in petty crimes...I think they would lose a lot of their own voters!

By Beta | 2 February 2011 10:19 AM

First they came for the Burka then they came for the Polish...i wonder how long this list will become if the PVV actually do get power and unfortunately it's starting to look that way.

By Jason Buttle | 2 February 2011 10:49 AM

Netherlands have to be wise this called PVV. Is trying to turn beautiful Netherland i know to ugly Netherland all beacuse of politice. what is eu?

By kings | 2 February 2011 11:05 AM

So apparently the PVV want the drunkeness and petty crime racket to themselves? From what I witness, they seem to do a lot better job of it than any eastern Europeans I've met.

By CW | 2 February 2011 11:09 AM

Scary how the PVV have become accepted in Holland. Remember when this country was famous for tolerance? Nowadays it sounds more like 1930's Germany.

And the idiots from the PVV draw conclusions from generalisations and racist remarks from the police?

By Andy | 2 February 2011 11:44 AM

I'm "Eastern European" and I agree with Marnix Norder. If you don't have job and money, why to be here?

By Oleg | 2 February 2011 12:02 PM

If only these people really intended to solve any problem ... So a simple question: How would it be like if Nazis were in politics at the moment?
And I agree with Kirst that people really listen to them!

By Gokce | 2 February 2011 12:56 PM

I join the post by alexjones! Couldn't have put it better!

By I | 2 February 2011 1:18 PM

I do not think this is an issue anywhere. I was so pleased when a Polish owned bike shop opened near our office in Amsterdam! They are open from 8am to 8pm all week and open on Saturday and Sunday as well - always smiling, friendly and helpful. The other Poles I have met here have the same commercial ambitious attitude.

By Bill | 2 February 2011 1:54 PM

How about you add another sign below the one with the accordion in Amsterdam that Eastern Europeans are prohibited because anyway you consider all of us gypsies, Well mister Louis Bontes, I have the skin lighter that your parents.

And btw.. I heard that Finish and Russian people are drinking a a lot too... maybe you wanna do something about that.

By Flo | 2 February 2011 2:16 PM

So, let me see if I get this right... I am good enough for the Dutch as long as I pay taxes, but when I loose my job I should be deported? I thought paying taxes allows me to get unemployment benefits or should I pay taxes only for the benefit of the Dutch people? There are so many Dutch taking advantage of the wellfare state, that probably the 52% taxes are noy enough to cover for the foreigners as well

By expat | 2 February 2011 2:31 PM

"Postings which contain racist, sexist or homophobic language or which insult other correspondents will not be published."
What of the MP'S who use racist or other such language should they also be deported. Oh sorry they were born in the Netherlands.

By Stuart577 | 2 February 2011 4:00 PM

Valentijn - If your Polish immigrant friend is willing to work hard and go to school then why isn't she in Poland doing it? Poland needs educated, hard working people.

By Glenn | 2 February 2011 4:07 PM

This politician is trying very hard to curb his country's ills, though blaming other nations is embarrassingly disappointing. The Eastern Europeans who are not stereotypes are hard working individuals, anticipating the free movement of labour experience the despair our western economy has projected with the regulations which prevent them from freely participating in the labour market. Until a western nation has liberalized their national economic policy towards free labour, how can anyone trust a politician’s word? This clearly displays the need for national identity in times of crisis, a need to identify enemies, a reason to unite against a common foe. Though we are not equal in any other way than our species, our differences increase our competitive advantage. To be truly competitive, any individual is welcome, with their added value differentiating them. Not their ethnicity, nor their nationality. With common western sense, the law of supply and demand will easily eradicate the human resources which are inadequate. Government has no actual need for intervention, unless the preservation of the national identity is the objective. In which case, a challenge is always healthy, hence the benefits of competitive advantage. The vagabonds are not a social hindrance as they are a product of our own society which ultimately indicates our contribution, as a species. With the abundant human capital at hand, the government and the private sector have access to a limited market of foreign human resources, alongside their own. The resistance is appropriate and necessary, from all sectors. Alphamega encompasses a simplex synergy of strategic management.

By Noelle Decuypere | 2 February 2011 5:54 PM

This has nothing to do with nationality. Why would you move to a country without a job. Who will pay your bills?? I came from Australia 13yrs ago only if i could prove i was a benefit to the country. So I am and so i'm here. pure and simple! Maybe if countries like Poland, Romania improved their own infrastructure we wouldn't have this problem in the first place???

By Mick | 2 February 2011 5:57 PM

If you just deport them, they will just sneak back in. We all know how they are.

If you really want to keep them out, you have to put them in camps. Only then could we keep them out of society and force them to work.

By Rob | 2 February 2011 7:17 PM

So, who is next? All non-Aryans.

By humanist | 2 February 2011 7:19 PM

The Swiss have been doing that for years!

By The visitor | 2 February 2011 7:37 PM

Right on, Rob. A good thing that we still have some old camps, like Kamp Vught. It already had to cede some real estate to the highest security prison in the land, so it would be a good place to start. Plus, it would bring employment for good-willing Eastern Europeans. They have experience with that line of work.

By N. Oostelyck | 2 February 2011 8:34 PM

I don't see why somebody will come in Amsterdam to earn the great amount of 1200 euros per month and spend half of it for rent! Trust me, there will not be a big wave of foreigners!

By Ivan | 2 February 2011 9:28 PM

When I came to Canada from The Netherlands, and did not agree to something, I was told: “ If you do not like go back where you came from.
So if you don’t like the Dutch rules GO Back where YOU CAME FROM!!

By Tommy:H | 2 February 2011 10:22 PM

If you do not have a job,housing and a approved sponser who can cover your medical insurance STAY in your own country. The government should have more benefits to help the elderly who worked hard all their lives to make The Netherlands one of the better countries to live. Do not come here to take away...only come here if you have alot to offer.

By Levie | 3 February 2011 12:10 AM

It is good to be tolerant, but this does not implicitly mean one should not be also a realist; of course there are many honest, hard working people among the emigrants; L.D. writes about the benefits of a free work market; why not about the consequences? Everyone coming and living in another country will have sooner or later his family also come. And relatives. All I want to say is - all these bring big changes and we have to see them and think about the big Tomorrow. I want to see so much integrity as to be able to critisize and to ask for respect for our own country, its traditions and achievements!

By Isabelle | 3 February 2011 12:13 AM

Bravo Mr. Marnix Norder !This is exactly what the majority of PVV voters expected from you! If the leftist party had such rightful actions the Netherlands and the rest of Europe would not be stocked with all the social problems we have now...

By JDLMK | 3 February 2011 12:30 AM

Glenn - because educated people can't get jobs over there. Of the 6 people in her graduating class, all 6 have emigrated to (different) countries in Europe. I guess they could sit around and wait for things to improve, but going somewhere they can use their skills to survive seems like a much better option.

By Valentijn | 3 February 2011 6:27 AM

When I first came to the Netherlands in 1997 the Bollenstreek had a large population of British immigrants who were getting their hands dirty working in the horticulture industry, doing the jobs the Dutch didn't want to.

A large number of these Brits played the system for all it was worth, securing temporary work contracts just to go "on the sick" and claim unemployment benefits in-between. In effect, they were not in NL to work and spent most of their time drinking and taking drugs, earning the Brits a very undesirable reputation.

Spot the difference.

By Dilligent worker | 3 February 2011 8:10 AM

I am also from Eastern Europe, and I ask you:

What is jobless person doing in a foreign country, unless he is a tourist?

Spying? Dealing drugs? Working illegaly? Exploitting the hospitality of that country in some other way?

Get rid of them Holland - you owe them nothing!

By Me | 3 February 2011 12:41 PM

How about investin energy in trying to create more jobs and improving the economy? But that takes brains and wisdom and it seems that is disapearing rapidly in NL. There was a time that the Dutch were trendsetters and the neatherlands a beacon of hope for the impovrished, the downtrodden. Lets become that beacon of hope once again:)

By Adtje | 4 February 2011 12:22 PM

It all start against some religion and then makes it way against Poles. History repeats if you dutch did not watch carefully as your neighbours did not in the past.

By Bimalesh | 4 February 2011 10:54 PM

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