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Eindhoven joins opposition to cannabis pass system

Wednesday 09 February 2011

Eindhoven city council has come out against government plans to introduce a registration for cannabis users to make sure tourists are kept out of ‘coffee shops’ where small quantities of soft drugs are sold.

Den Bosch and Maastricht city councils have already voted against the plan and the four big cities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht have also pledged to campaign against it.

The new government has not yet given any more details on its plans to turn coffee shops into closed clubs. However, opponents of the scheme say it will lead to an increase in street dealing.

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Readers' Comments

at first it was all over the place that Eindhoven and Maastricht are out of control with their drug tourists and desperatelly need change in the legislation, now they all are in opposition. What's up? Got a small samples to try, or what?

By Jim | 9 February 2011 11:31 AM

finally some sane response to a prob that does not exist. maybe some one can tell me how all the hashish here gets here. it is smuggled contraband, not dutch grown weed. condoned by the govermant makes them accessory to criminal activity. maybe they should be arrested !!!!!!!!!!!

By mr. haze | 9 February 2011 11:35 AM

This is good. Three cheers for the ever-present underlying Dutch intelligence in dealing with this situation. I hope and like to believe sense will out and prevail. Of course it would be better if everyone else finally came around to the Dutch way of approaching this issue, and I remain convinced that process is well underway, but until they do, please don't forget NL, so many look to you as a light in the darkness.

By McD | 9 February 2011 3:37 PM

It's funny how they wanted to separate the tourist and the drug tourist. Last time I checked tourist of pretty much any kind seem to benefit parts of the community, stores, restaurants, taxis, hotels, etc. It's just like over here in Montana, where I'm at. Everyone hates tourist, but everyone loves there money.

By Tomsan | 9 February 2011 9:47 PM

This is a good thing, I have terminal cancer and I like visting The Netherlands, Pot helps with the nausea and pain, making it illegal just makes life more difficult.Pot pills are not as effective as smoking the pot.(also more expensive!)Goverment likes to restrict peoples rights to show how conservative they can be.

By George Pappas | 10 February 2011 12:41 PM

the last thing you want to do is to start banning! thats how prohibition starts ,you need to regulate the whole system from seed to ash and show the world how its done , as long as its not in the hands of criminals and children you are winning and you will gain more respect for that

By Tim Sorcerer | 13 February 2011 7:59 PM

EURAD [Europe Against Drugs] believes that a step forward has been taken as the Dutch cannabis pass system, that forbids foreigners to enter Dutch coffee shops to buy cannabis, has been approved by the European Court. Eindhoven and other Dutch cities are against the cannabis pass system for the wrong reasons. More pertinent questions may demand:
“Why must we protect only the tourists against cannabis use?”
“What about the Dutch children exposed to the dangers? “
“ Who protects the Dutch citizens?”
Science proves that youth is the most vulnerable segment of the population and that the use of cannabis use during the critical years of brain development(up to 21years) precipitates schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses. Renée Besseling, President.EURAD.

By Renée Besseling | 14 February 2011 3:45 PM

In response to Renee Besseling;

1. I have never seen any underage children in a cannabis coffee shop, nor do I believe that the coffee shops would endanger their reputation by selling to them.

2. We cannot wrap the world in cotton wool and take away the rights of adults in case children might be harmed.

3.As it stands, far more chidren die from alcohol abuse and beatings from alcohol abusing parents.

4. Prohibition does not stop people who want alcohol or drugs from using them but EDUCATION certainly does diminish abuse.

5. Every time a pressure group like EURAD or The Woman's Christian Temperance Union
gains the ear of government, Prohibition ensues and we have urban warfare like Chicago in the 1920's or Mexico today.

I know you mean well Renee, but Education is the more intelligent way to ensure that children understand the psychology and the dangers of substance dependency. If they choose to make poor choices as adults, then that is their own business.

By Harlow | 16 February 2011 7:37 AM

Very, very nice response Harlow.

I'd also like to know what EURAD's stance on alcohol is. It is infinitely more dangerous than cannabis could ever hope to be. Why don't they talk about banning it?

By Milk container | 16 February 2011 5:23 PM

In response to Renee: If the concern is Children, why not a complete ban of Cannibus to residents and non-residents alike? Aren't most tourists over the age of 18? The logic is faulty and the point on banning far more harmful substances like Alchahol and Tobbacco are valid. Should tourists not be able to purchase a beer but locals can?

This will also be devastating to the Dutch economy.

By Sam Plouse | 17 February 2011 1:09 AM

Here, here Harlow!
Use the taxes to educate the masses. Protect the children, but let the adults look after themselves.
Discrimination against foreign nationals is aalways a bad plan.

By Dan | 18 February 2011 11:33 AM

I'm glad to hear that many city councils are fighting against this.

I enjoy coming to Holland, its a beautiful country, the people are lovely, its a pristine country. I also like smoking a little joint when I'm there. I cause no fuss, I'm always polite and never break the law.

I don't want to land at Schiphol and be hounded by 20 guys selling grass just like in every other city.

If this plan goes through the Dutch people won't know what hit them, they don't know how good they have it.

Don't make this mistake, Holland.

By Cameron | 3 March 2011 4:01 PM

If their concern is really to protect people, they should ban alcohol and cigarettes. But why marihuana ??? Noone ever died from consuming it! But thousands of people die each year from alcohol and tobacco. Stop putting THC into the same box like hard drugs, because its proven that it doesn't fit into the same box. Noone gets hooked, noone dies of it. And the point that it supports Al Kaida is just right-wing bullshit propaganda !
It is also proven that it helps sick people. Its all a setup of right-wings, pharmaceutical industry and of course the financial elite. Don't get fooled from this industrial-bank-military-complex ! And chase the right-wings out of the parliaments and the cities ! They are the real danger in this world !

By chris | 8 June 2011 4:54 PM

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