Turkey wants answers on coalition agreement

The number two at the Dutch embassy in Ankara was called by Turkish government officials on Monday to explain parts of the coalition accord which relate to Turkey, the Volkskrant reports on Tuesday, quoting diplomatic sources.

In particular, the Turkish authorities are concerned about parts of the agreement which anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders made a condition of his support for the minority agreement.
They want to know about the clause which will limit social security payments to people who return to Turkey and calls to renegotiate the terms of Turkey’s association agreement with the EU.
A court in Rotterdam ruled recently that the agreement makes it impossible for the Netherlands to force Turkish nationals to take a compulsory integration course.
‘The Turks also want to know about Wilders’ standpoint on Islam,’ one diplomat told the paper. ‘We have been very clear that the government does not share it.’
The embassy’s second highest official answered the call because the ambassador is currently in the Netherlands, the paper said.