Ab Klink quits parliament – resignation immediate

Christian Democrat MP Ab Klink, whose opposition to an alliance with the anti-Islam PVV precipitated the collapse of talks on forming a right-wing government, has resigned as an MP.

‘The events of the past week have created an unworkable position for me within the CDA MP group,’ Klink said. That meant the basis for working together had been damaged and he could no longer do his job properly, Klink said.
He will remain a member of the CDA.
A letter to party leader Maxime Verhagen, in which Klink outlined his objections to working together with the PVV, proved to be the final blow to the right-wing alliance. Geert Wilders pulled the plug on the talks on Friday, saying he could not count on full CDA support.
Klink, regarded as an intellectual, had been seen as a future party leader. He won his parliamentary seat at the June general election and is also caretaker health minister. He will continue in that role until a new government has been formed.